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Bowser being a dad

Bowser is the best dad

bowser and mario actually settled their differences a long time ago and all the games with bowser’s kids are a game he sets up with the plumbers and the princess to keep all 7 or 8 of them active and engaged for an entire weekend because even the king of the koopas needs a hand sometimes wrangling all of them.

That’s why there’s never any blood, it’s all just playing tag and when you’re tagged you dramatically fall down.

peach spends her time “kidnapped” looking after the little ones and making sure they’re eating properly and doing a good job guarding their castles. once one is “defeated,” peach takes off to check in on the next one and bowser picks up his kid to come hang out back at the main castle and watch the rest of the adventure and eat some of the cake peach makes for the kids.

That is the cutest idea ever and it is now my headcanon.

That Peach comment actually explains how Bowser Jr. could think Peach was his mom.

(Source: sorceress-botan)

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